Visual Six Sigma: Streamlining Data Analysis and Improving Efficiency PDF 2023

Visual Six Sigma: Making Data Analysis Lean

Authors: Ian Cox;Marie A. Gaudard;Philip J. Ramsey;Mia L. Stephens;Leo Wright

Streamline data analysis with an intuitive, visual Six Sigma strategy
Visual Six Sigma provides the statistical techniques that help you get more information from your data. A unique emphasis on the visual allows you to take a more active role in data-driven decision making, so you can leverage your contextual knowledge to pose relevant questions and make more sound decisions. You’ll learn dynamic visualization and exploratory data analysis techniques that help you identify occurrences and sources of variation, and the strategies and processes that make Six Sigma work for your organization. This updated third edition includes new information on data quality, presentation, and analysis, with new, streamlined case studies featuring the latest functionalities in JMP 11 and JMP 11 Pro, complete with illustrative screenshots. The companion website includes a test bank, end-of-chapter questions, and free 30-day access to a fully functional demo version of JMP…

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