10 Fomulas+10 Analysis + 10 Charts + 10 Tricks ebook PDF Free


10 Fomulas+10 Analysis + 10 Charts + 10 Tricks ebook PDF Free
In all my years as a trainer, consultant and Excel evangelist, I heard one question hundreds of times. “What do I learn?”. Excel has hundreds of features, so it is daunting to figure out which things to learn first. This book is my answer to that challenge. In the next four chapters, I am going to list 10 formulas, 10 data analysis techniques, 10 charts and 10 tips to supercharge your Excel journey. Learn these and you will be well ahead of your peers. Each topic has extra resources at the end. Refer to them to learn more about the topics presented.
This book has four modules, one each on formulas, data analysis, charting and Excel tricks. Read them in any order. But the chapters inside the modules are meant to be read one to ten. Most chapters have additional resource links at the bottom. Click on them to learn more about the techniques.
For 3rd module (on charts), you can also download example workbook to see the instructions and outputs clearly. Please refer to the link at the start of module to get it.

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