Linux: This Book Includes 4 Manuscripts



Linux: This Book Includes 4 Manuscripts. The Underground Bible to the UNIX Operating System with Tools On Security and Kali Hacking to Understand Computer Programming, Data Science and Command Line

Growth, DarwinThis Book Includes:

Linux for Beginners
Linux for Hackers
Hacking with Linux
Hacking with Kali Linux

Linux is a free and freely distributed operating system inspired by the UNIX system, written by Linus Torvalds with the help of thousands of programmers.

Unlike other operating systems, such as MacOS (Apple operating system), UNIX is not intended to be easy to use, but to be extremely flexible. It is generally as easy to use as other operating systems, although great efforts are being made to facilitate its use.

This operating system is an option to be taken into account by those users who are dedicated to work through networks, devote to programming, or learn hacking techniques.

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