Microsoft Excel 2019 Bible: The Comprehensive Tutorial Resource Free PDF Download



Microsoft Excel 2019 Bible: The Comprehensive Tutorial Resource Free PDF Download

Author(s): Michael Alexander, Richard Kusleika

Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2022

Microsoft Excel 2019 Bible: The Comprehensive Tutorial Resource

Best Excel Book for All Skill Levels


This Excel 2016 book is written by John Walkenbach, who is a leading authority in spreadsheets. It justifies its name, and is indeed a bible about Excel spreadsheets.

It is divided into seven parts where each part handles an aspect of Excel in detail.

  • Part I: Getting Started with Excel
  • Part II: Working with Formulas and Functions
  • Part III: Creating Charts and Graphics
  • Part IV: Using Advanced Excel Features
  • Part V: Analyzing Data with Excel
  • Part VI: Programming Excel with VBA
  • Part VII: Appendixes

This book tries to cover a lot of different topics, and is a good starting point. If you’re an intermediate/advanced Excel user, I recommend this as the Best Excel book (and I always keep it as a reference with me).

It dives into basic Excel features such as Excel functions, Excel charts, data analysis, and then goes onto cover some advanced concepts. If you properly go through this book (which might take some time), you can easily claim to be an Excel advanced user.

Also, while it covers almost all important topics in Excel, it will not go into too much detail on topics such as VBA or dashboards, etc. It also doesn’t cover new features such as Power Pivot or Power Query.

One things that I don’t like about this book is that it’s too dry and verbose sometimes. It makes it a bit difficult to go through this book. I wish it was written in a more conversation tone. Nevertheless, a highly recommended Excel resource you must posses if you work with Excel and intend to become a power user.

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