Excel: Quickstart Guide from Beginner to Expert Free PDF Download



Excel: Quickstart Guide from Beginner to Expert

Best Excel Book for Interview & Quick Refresher

This short Excel quick start guide is written by William Fischer.

It is strictly for Excel newbies and is meant to act as a quick starting point or basic Excel refresher.

This Excel book is best suited when you have an Excel interview to ace and you want to quickly brush up on some Excel skills. Again, this is quite basic so get it only if you’re a beginner.

The good thing about this books is that it’s only 100 pages long and if you buy it on Kindle, it only costs a few bucks.

It’s designed to be consumed quickly, so don’t expect it to get into the details of any topic. It will cover topics such as Excel functions, Excel charts, formatting, etc., but not in detail.

Also, the hard cover copy quality is not the best. 

What works in this books favor is that it delivers on what it promises, quick refresher that can be life saver when appearing for interviews

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