Excel Pivot Tables & Introduction To Dashboards. The Step-By-Step Guide



Excel Pivot Tables & Introduction To Dashboards. The Step-By-Step Guide

Benton C.J.This book can be used as a tutorial or quick reference guide. It is intended for users who are comfortable with the basics of Microsoft Excel and are now ready to build upon this skill by learning Pivot Tables and Dashboards. This book assumes you already know how to create, open, save, and modify an Excel® workbook and have a general familiarity with the Excel toolbar (Ribbon). Updated for Microsoft Excel 2016! This book contains easy to follow step-by-step examples with screenshots demonstrating how to create Pivot Tables and basic Dashboards. In just a few short hours, you’ll learn how to: Organize and summarize data Format & filter Pivot Table results Create Pivot Charts Display averages & percentages Group data into predefined ranges Use Slicers Rank results Apply calculated fields Create Pivot Table reports from imported files And more! In addition to the above, you will also learn how to create, format, and update a basic Dashboard using Pivot Table data. Including how to incorporate charts and performance symbols into your reporting. A great resource for: Business Analysts Data Analysts Financial Analysts Administrative and Support staff Imagine the time youll save by not having to search the internet or help files to learn the most practical ways of using one of Microsoft Excel’s best features!

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