MICROSOFT EXCEL 2022 FOR BEGINNERS: Step-by-Step Practical Guide to Master Excel 2022 & Excel 365 in 7 Days or Less




MICROSOFT EXCEL 2022 FOR BEGINNERS: Step-by-Step Practical Guide to Master Excel 2022 & Excel 365 in 7 Days or Less


Are you looking for an application to help you make graphs, charts, formulae, and tables?
Do you know about Excel but you have little or no experience in it and want to learn more about it?
Do you want to increase your Microsoft Excel abilities so that you can make use of all of the features that are most beneficial to people and businesses?

If YES, then I got good news for you. Read ON!

Microsoft Excel is a well-known spreadsheet tool created by Microsoft. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is a spreadsheet program that can be used to manipulate, analyze, and display data. Data is analyzed, computations are performed, and findings are reported using Excel. Students, scientists, and business experts all utilize Excel in their work. Also, many professions nowadays demand workers to have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel.

This book, which is primarily for beginners, is an in-depth guide on the basic understanding of Excel. It includes different methods on how to use the various functions in Excel. This book provides an in-depth Microsoft Excel lesson for anybody who is new to the program or hasn’t used it in a long time. It contains chapters and steps with illustrations on how to use all Excel functions, shortcuts, formulae, and symbols to compute and create basic worksheets.
The objective of this book is to assist you in analyzing, manipulating, and presenting data in Excel. As a novice who wishes to become an Excel 2022 expert, this book will assist you in understanding these features.
In this book you will know all about the following
The basic features of Excel
Understanding what Excel is used for
Understanding workbooks and worksheets
How to enter and edit data in your worksheet
Performing some basic worksheet operations
Applying Number Formatting to your work
Creating your own Custom Format.
Hiding and Unhiding your Worksheet.
Working with rows and columns
Working with Excel Ranges and Tables
Performing Mathematical operations without formulas
Adding comments to a cell
Understanding Excel Files and Templates
Recovering your unsaved works in Excel.
Applying Conditional Formatting in your Workbook.
Customizing the Excel User Interface
…….and many more.

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