Excel 2022: From Beginner to Expert in Less than 60 Minutes




Excel 2022: From Beginner to Expert in Less than 60 Minutes

HudsonTimothy J.

Do you want to enhance your skills by learning Microsoft excel?
Do you want to be an expert of Microsoft excel by learning advanced functions and formula?
If so, then keep reading!
Building a brick wall analogously to learning Excel is a difficult task. Many newcomers have a solid foundation in spreadsheets fundamentals of how to use them. Afterwards, they grasp the they begin to pile bricks on top of one another here and there. However, while they are constructing their wall of knowledge, they discover that it is full with holes. They eventually reach a point when their wall is no longer able to support any more wei ght and it collapses. What a complete waste of time.

This book offers a stepbystep approach to teaching you how to operate with Microsoft Excel. Each lesson builds on the one before it, resulting in a strong foundation for your wall. So, whe ther you’re trying to boost your work performance or to enhance your CV, you’ve come to the perfect spot!
Everything You Need to Know Excel Terms
Advanced Formulas & Functio ns
Practical Business Applications
Accounting & Data Organization
Why Should Entrepreneurs Learn Excel?
Much, much more!

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