Artificial Intelligence and Computing Logic: Cognitive Technology for AI Business Analytics




Artificial Intelligence and Computing Logic: Cognitive Technology for AI Business Analytics

by Cyrus F. Nourani

  • Length: 266 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Apple Academic Press
  • Publication Date: 2021-12-23

Focusing on the cutting-edge applications of AI cognitive computing from neuromorphic to quantum cognition as applied to AI business analytics, this new volume explores AI’s importance in managing cognitive processes along with ontological modeling concepts for venturing into new business frontiers. The volume presents a selection of significant new accomplishments in the areas of AI cognitive computing ranging from neurocognition perception and decision-making in the human brain―combining neurocognitive techniques and effective computing―to basic facial recognition computing models. Topics include:

  • Agent neurocomputing techniques for facial expression recognition
  • Computing haptic motion and ontology epistemic
  • Characterizations of morph schemas for visual analytics
  • Learning and perceptive computing
  • Functional and structural neuroimaging modeling
  • Observed links between facial recognition and affective emotional processes
  • Interaction of cognitive and emotional processes during social decision-making
  • Neurocognitive processing of emotional facial expressions in individuals
  • Neurocognitive affective system for emotive robot androids
  • Virtual reality-based affect adaptive neuromorphic computing

Executive surveys indicate that cognitive adoption is very important in business strategy for success and to remain competitive. Employing cognitive-based processes provides the way to get the right information in the right hands at the right time, which is the key to winning in the digital era and to driving business value that emphasizes competitive differentiation. Several chapters of the volume address the goal of using cognitive technology to improve search capabilities, to provide personalized customer service in business and in health and wellness, and to create better workflow management.

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