Python Programming with Design Patterns




Python Programming with Design Patterns

by James Cooper

Learn how to write Python code that’s more robust, efficient, maintainable, and elegant―whether you’re new to the language or you’ve been coding for years. Python Programming with Design Patterns combines a clear, modern introduction to modern Python with visual, example-driven explanations of 23 proven patterns for writing outstanding object-oriented code. Through these patterns and examples, best-selling patterns author James W. Cooper introduces modern techniques for creating Python objects that interact effectively to make powerful, flexible programs.

Cooper’s wide-ranging coverage includes abstract classes, multiple inheritance, GUI programming and widgets, graphical classes, drawing and plotting, math libraries, database programming, Python decorators, images, threads, iterators, creating executable code from Python programs, and much more. He covers the use of six leading Python development environments, and provides complete downloadable code on Github for every example program.

Throughout, Cooper’s informal, visual presentation makes patterns easier than ever to understand and use―so you can confidently build large, complex programs that benefit from everything Python has to offer.

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