Macros & VBA Training – Free Excel Webinar

Macros & VBA Training – Free Excel Webinar


Join Microsoft Certified Trainer, Kyle Pew, and Founder of MyExcelOnline, John Michaloudis to learn how to record Macros and write VBA code within 1 hour.

During this free Excel Macros & VBA Training you will learn:

  • How to record a Macro and create interactive buttons to run it
  • How to automate your repetitive Excel tasks using the VBA Editor
  • VBA code by way of simple explanations of the VBA coding language that even my 5 year old understands
  • Saving and sharing your Macros
  • You will also be able to download the Excel files containing code examples

Automate repetitive and boring tasks with a single press of a button that will save you time & money!

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