Data Analytics Made Accessible: 2022 edition




Data Analytics Made Accessible: 2022 edition

by Anil Maheshwari

  • Length: 382 pages
  • Edition: 2
  • Language: English
  • Publication Date: 2022-01-01

This book fills the need for a concise and accessible book on the topic of Business Intelligence and Data Mining. It is a conversational book that feels easy and informative. This short and lucid book covers everything important, with concrete examples, and invites the reader to join this field. The chapters in the book are organized for a typical one-semester course. The book contains case-lets from real-world stories at the beginning of every chapter. There is a running case study across the chapters as exercises. This book is designed to provide a student with the intuition behind this evolving area, along with a solid toolset of the major data mining techniques and platforms.

Students across a variety of academic disciplines, including business, computer science, statistics, engineering, and others are attracted to the idea of discovering new insights and ideas from data. This book can also be gainfully used by executives, managers, analysts, professors, doctors, accountants, and other professionals to learn how to make sense of the data coming their way. This is a lucid flowing book that one can finish in one sitting, or can return to it again and again for insights and techniques.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Wholeness of Business Intelligence and Data Mining
Chapter 2: Business Intelligence Concepts & Applications
Chapter 3: Data Warehousing
Chapter 4: Data Mining
Chapter 5: Decision Trees
Chapter 6: Regression Models
Chapter 7: Artificial Neural Networks
Chapter 8: Cluster Analysis
Chapter 9: Association Rule Mining
Chapter 10: Text Mining
Chapter 11: Web Mining
Chapter 12: Big Data
Chapter 13: Data Modeling Primer
Appendix: Data Mining Tutorial using Weka

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