The Business Student’s Handbook: Skills for Study and Employment, 7th Edition




The Business Student’s Handbook: Skills for Study and Employment, 7th Edition

by Sheila Cameron

Develop essential learning and employability skills to excel at business studies

The Business Student’s Handbook, 7th Edition, by Cameron brings together personal skills, study skills and employability skills to help students succeed in their academic and professional lives. Designed to support both online and face-to-face study, the book discusses transferable skills such as self-management, teamwork, planning and critical thinking to help you become a highly desirable graduate. A strong emphasis on project management, data analysis, communication skills and presentation skills makes this an essential resource for any business student. The TECHSkills boxes focus on your digital skills to ensure you are making the most of the best tools found online. Additionally, this handbook is all about applying theory to practice and covers up-to-date exercises, practical suggestions and tips.

Praise for The Business Student’s Handbook

‘Even though I’ve been in the field for over 30 years, I found new and engaging information in The Business Student’s Handbook. So no matter how many times a student has been down this road, I’m confident that they will always find something new here.’ – Jayne Mothersdale, National Teacher Fellow, Leeds Beckett University

‘A book that will see you through your business degree, from day one to several years after graduation.’ – Fiona Winfield, School Employability Manager, Nottingham Trent University
‘The book details the skills/competencies/practices required of young professionals and undergraduates making it a very useful tool for university life and beyond. What is particularly commendable about this book is the wide range of topics covered from essential writing skills to effective presentations skills.’ – Dr Pascale Daher, Lecturer, University of Liverpool

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