Python Machine Learning For Beginners




Python Machine Learning For Beginners: Handbook For Machine Learning, Deep Learning And Neural Networks Using Python, Scikit-Learn And TensorFlow

by Finn Sanders

Imagine a world where you can make a computer program learn for itself? What if it could recognize who is in a picture or the exact websites that you want to look for when you type it into the program? What if you were able to create any kind of program that you wanted, even as a beginner programmer, without all of the convoluted codes and other information that makes your head spin?

This is actually all possible. The programs that were mentioned before are all a part of machine learning. This is a breakthrough in the world of information technology, which allows the computer to learn how to behave, rather than asking the programmer to think of every single instance that may show up with their user ahead of time. it is taking over the world, and you may be using it now, without even realizing it.

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