Behavioral Finance and Your Portfolio: A Navigation Guide for Building Wealth




Behavioral Finance and Your Portfolio: A Navigation Guide for Building Wealth

by Michael M. Pompian

  • Length: 320 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Publication Date: 2021-12-11

Cognitive and emotional biases can wreak havoc with investor portfolios. Poor investment decision making caused by behavioral errors, especially in times of high market volatility, leads to poor financial outcomes – a material problem for both new and experienced investors.  Whether you’re mired in loss aversion, suffer from anchoring bias or you’re sorting your portfolio into various mental accounts, investor biases will prevent you from maximizing your wealth. But you can learn to challenge your own biases and prevent costly investment errors!

In Behavioral Finance and Your Portfolio, veteran investor and advisor Michael M. Pompian delivers a thorough grounding in the most important investor biases you’re likely to encounter when making crucial investment decisions.  Perhaps the most critical insight, knowing the difference between emotional and cognitive biases, will help you understand what makes you tick as an investor.  Full of case studies and quizzes, this book will help you identify and diagnose your own biases. You will become a better investor, even as you deal with the stresses of investing in the real world.

You’ll learn to take control of your decision-making even when challenging markets can push fear or greed to uncomfortable levels. You’ll also discover how to analyze your options, either alone or alongside your investment advisor, as well as how to make better investment decisions overall–and the benefits of backing up those decisions with hard data. .

Relying on his decades of experience in financial markets as both an investor and advisor, Pompian shows you how to understand your unique behavioral investor type, and how to improve decisions based on your individual tendencies. Perfect for individual investors, financial advisors, portfolio managers and other financial professionals, Behavioral Finance and Your Portfolio will earn a place in the library of any conscientious investor hoping to gain perspective on cognitive patterns and biases that may be impairing their ability to achieve the best possible return on their investments.

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