Learn The Bible of Competitive Programming Free Video Course

Learn The Bible of Competitive Programming Free Video Course

Build the foundation in Algorithms and Data Structures to ace Competitive Programming

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What you will learn from this Course:

  • Build a solid foundation to become a Competitive Programming wizard
  • Master revolutionary data structures and various types of problems using each of them
  • Learn fundamental algorithms and solve classical problems
  • Strengthen your problem solving and coding skill

Requirements for this Course

  • Just basic knowledge of C/C++ language (variables, loops, statements)


This course will be your book of scriptures on addressing each coding inquiry question and serious programming challenge. The substance depends on my long term insight of battling to discover and take care of a wide scope of issues and foster the framework for dominating this expertise. I cover precisely the same substance that has helped my understudies’ exhibition soar and got them offers at top organizations like Google, Facebook and Amazon and strong outcomes in the International Competitive Programming Contests.

We start from nuts and bolts like Mathematics Fundamentals: Prime Numbers, Sieve of Eratosthenes, Fast Modular Exponentiation. Then, at that point, we plunge into intriguing difficulties and gold deceives on exhibits and grids, trailed by Binary Search, Recursion and Divide and Conquer. We proceed by investigating major information constructions like Stack, Queue, Deque, Heap and Hash Table. Then, at that point, subsequent to building a strong establishment, we investigate complex subjects like Greedy and Dynamic Programming, in which I uncover impenetrable recipes that guide you in tackling each and every issue of that particular kind.

This is what makes this course astounding:

  • I guide you through the line of my idea when tackling every issue, zeroing in on building the overall methodology for an issue you can experience in cutthroat programming challenges or programming creating interviews.
  • You will get familiar with all the hypotheses required, yet our fundamental spotlight here is on reasonable applications.
  • I share with you critical thinking stunts and great coding rehearses that took me years and many issues to sort out.
  • It is intuitive and locking in: I attempt to keep the hypothesis as basic and regular as could be expected and we function collectively in tackling any issue.

Course Video Size : 16 GB High Quality Video Content

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