Excel Basics: Foundations • Formulas • Graphs Free PDF




Excel Basics: Foundations • Formulas • Graphs Free PDF

by Gary Bronson PhDJeffrey Hsu PhD

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Created as a book for a first-time or beginning Excel user, it is designed to be a comprehensive, yet accessible and easy to understand introduction to using and mastering Microsoft Excel 2019 and previous versions. Starting with the basics of what spreadsheets are, and progressing through the foundational concepts and features of Excel, the book provides a thorough, yet user-friendly introduction to the main capabilities of Excel. The book covers the most fundamental and important aspects of Excel, which form the basis for a solid foundation in the use of this critical software application. Suitable for professional reference, self-study, or for use in an instructor-led or online course, this book will help readers to become effective and knowledgeable in using one of the most useful tools for enhancing one’s business and personal productivity.


  • Starts with the elements, layout, and structure of Excel, followed by formulas, functions, applications, and formatting in depth
  • Provides both presentations, such as charts/graphs, PivotTables and also spreadsheet features including sorting, filtering, subtotals, and database functions
  • Features Application Notes,Common Excel Errors, and Chapter Appendices to reinforce readers’ grasp of Excel nuances and concepts
  • Includes instructor resources with four tutorial videos, PowerPoint slides for each chapter, sample syllabi, tests, and quizzes.

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