Excel 2021: Charts in Depth Free Course Intermediate 2021 Full Google Driver Link

Excel 2021: Charts in Depth Free Course Intermediate 2021 Full Google Driver Link

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Charts allow you to communicate information visually, in a way that’s more impactful than raw data, and they happen to be one of the most powerful and easy-to-use features in Microsoft Excel. In Excel 2016, there are six brand-new chart types to learn. Let Dennis Taylor show you how to create different kinds of Excel charts, from column, bar, and line charts to exploded pies, and decide which type works best for your data. Learn how to fine-tune your chart’s color and style; add titles, labels, and legends; insert shapes, pictures, and text boxes; and pull data from multiple sources. Plus, get an overview of the new chart types in Excel 2016: Treemap, Sunburst, Waterfall, Histogram, Pareto, and Box & Whisker.

The training wraps up with lesson on changing data sources for charts and printing and sharing charts.


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    Dennis Taylor

    Principal at Taylor Associates

    Dennis Taylor is an Excel expert who has 25+ years of experience in spreadsheet authoring and training.

    Dennis has experience working as an author, speaker, seminar leader, and facilitator. Since the mid-90s, he has been the author/presenter of numerous Excel video and online courses and has traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada presenting over 300 seminars and classes. He has authored or co-authored multiple books on spreadsheet software and has presented over 500 Excel webinars to a diversity of audiences. Dennis has worked with hundreds of different corporations and governmental agencies as well as colleges and universities. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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